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What is the Co-Curricular Record?

The CCR is an official record of your co-curricular involvement as a student at UCCS. Co-Curricular involvement encompasses all that you've experienced and learned outside of the classroom. By utilizing the CCR you'll be in a better position to articulate the value of your entire college experience. Examples of the experiences included on the official CCR might include:

  • UCCSlead Certification
  • Service Participation
  • Event Participation
  • Organization Membership
  • Leadership Roles
  • Professional Development
  • Community Service and Engagement

Involvement entered in Mountain Lion Connect is what creates the CCR. You are in charge of deciding what to include. Click here for step by step instructions:

Why should I use the CCR?

The CCR will provide information regarding your participation and level of involvemnet in co-curricular activities that can be used:

  • As a supplement to your resume
  • As a record of college activities
  • In applications for awards
  • In applications for scholarships and post-undergraduate programs
  • To track progress toward UCCSlead certification

Activities that should be included on the CCR:

  • Student Organizations and Activities Participation - membership in any organization, club, activity, or program that requires sustained participation
  • Leadership Development - club/organization, activity, conference or program
  • Educational and Skill Development - participation in any co-curricular learning experiences - i.e. workshops, training programs, or volunteer experiences - related to personal or professional development
  • Awards and Honors - any type of formal recognition bestowed upon an individual or as a part of a UCCS club/organization
  • Community Service - must take place during enrollment as a student at UCCS
  • Athletics - membership in any intercollegiate competitive sport or intramural team with UCCS

Should my employment experience be included?

Employment is generally listed on a resume rather than a CCR, but each experience is different. If the position is connected to your educational experience, but not part of an academic program, (work-study positions, internships for non-credit, etc.) you may want to include it.

Examples of activites that qualify for the CCR:

  • UCCSlead Certification
  • Governance Groups
  • Academic/Professional Organizations
  • Athletic/Recreation Groups
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Social/Sercive Organizaitons
  • Committee Membership
  • Elected Offices

Why should I be interested in maintaining my CCR?

Use of the CCR will help you to translate your co-curricular experiences into a format that is useful for:

  • Planning personal goals
  • Supplementing scholarship application materials
  • Applying to Graduate Schools and other Professional Programs
  • Articulating the value of the experiences outlined on your traditional resume

Why should I worry about my CCR now if I'm not a senior?

By keeping your CCR up to date throughout your college career you'll find that the Record is more complete and accurate.

How do I request my CCR?

Your CCR may be requested at any time through Mountain Lion Connect under:

"My Profile>Involvement>Records>Co-Curricular Record".

If you have any further questions regard the Co-Curricular Record, please call:


Frequently Asked Questions about CCR:

How do I preview my CCR before I request it?

Instead of clicking "Requestion Official Transcript" in your Profile Reports Section, click "Download", which will give you a preview version of your CCR. The preview version will allow you to see the unofficial version.

How do I select to edit, add, remove, or delete activities from my CCR?

To select any of these options for activities listed on your CCR, you must view your activities, which is under your Profile Involvements. Once you view the activity list, hover over the options icon. This will give you the options to edit the entry, remove or add it from your overall activity history, remove or add the entry to your record (the CCR), or delete the entry entirely.

How do I edit an activity entry once it has been approved?

We recommend that you do not use this feature. It only allows you to edit the proof of participation file, change your Role, Learning Outcomes, and your Reflection. Once you edit your entry, it does not re-notify your reference and does not allow them to reapprove your involvement. We recommend that if you have to make a change to your involvement entry, you delete the entry and create a new one. Once you create the new entry, your reference will receive an email notification to approve or deny your request and you can update it with new information.

How do I add or remove Organization Memberships from my CCR?

The Organization Memberships are under your Profile Involvement Page. Once you view the Organization Membership list, hover over the options icon and you will see the options to add or hide from your overall activity history, and the option to add or hide from your record (the CCR).