Club Advisors

Dear Club Advisors,

Thank you for volunteering your time, energy, expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to help our clubs and organizations be successful. We recognize the time, dedication and attention that you give to our student clubs and organizations, and hope that you gain a lot from this experience.

The Student Life and Leadership Office is committed to making clubs a vital part of student life and making your role as an advisor a successful and enjoyable one. This website is meant to assist you in your endeavors as a club advisor. You are making a difference on campus!

Thank you!

The Student Life & Leadership Office

Club Help and Resources

The Club Help and Resources website helps to inform clubs about club, university, and SLL processes. This site supplements the Club Help and Resources website.

B.E.S.T. Advisor

  • BELIEVE- Believe in your students. Help them realize their potential. If you believe in them and what they can accomplish, maybe then they'll learn to believe in themselves.
  • EVALUATE- Evaluate your students. Give them positive feedback and constructive feedback. Always let them know where you stand and where they stand.
  • SUPPORT- Provide your students with a supportive environment. Back them 100%. If you support them, they will support you. It makes your job easier, and overall promotes a more positive attitude.
  • TIME- This time enables you to get to know them as individuals -- not just as students you advise. Share your own experiences and ideas with them. Find out what their thoughts are, what their likes and dislikes are. Expose them to as many alternatives and experiences as possible. Be available.