Club Recognition

What is it?

Clubs that demonstrate a close affiliation with the University through mission and or activity may be eligible for University recognition. Club Registration is required, but Club Recognition is optional. Recognized clubs receive additional privileges and responsibilities.

The benefits of club recognition include:
  • The use of “UCCS” in club name
  • The use of the UCCS logo
  • Ability to use the university tax ID #
  • Student Government Association (SGA) Raffle License

Recognition does increase the General Administrative Recharge (GAR) to a 8% tax rate on purchases and requires annual reporting. Registered clubs GAR is only 2%


  • At least 10 Student members
  • A full-time UCCS Faculty or staff advisor
  • Close affiliation with a department or the college as a whole
  • The club furthers the interests of the university through academics, services or athletics.
If your club is interested in seeking recognition status, complete the Club Recognition application in Mountain Lion Connect.