Resources for Clubs

    • Advertising and marketing assistance
      • Want to know how to market for your event effectively? Need a poster? Contact the SLL Marketing Coordinator at
      • In order to get your posters created as fast as possible please give the SLL Marketing Coordinator the following information:
        • Date(s) and times(s) of event
        • Name of event
        • Primary contact information for poster
        • Pertinant event information
        • What formats you would like the poster in
      • Poster formats: What sizes do you want your artwork desgined for?
        • 8.5in by 11in posters
        • 11in by 17in posters
        • 22in by 28in posters for tier signs and bannana boards
        • 2.5in by 4.5in for Commode Chronicals
    • Club website help, hosting, and assistance
    • Event planning help
      • We want to make sure that your event goes smoothly! Contact the SLL Graduate Assistant for Clubs and Organizations, Corrie Keener, at
    • Travel planning help
      • Please contact Amandine Habben ( as soon as your club wants to travel.
    • General club questions
      • Contact SLL at and desk staff will assist you or get you connected with the right person.
    • Clubs MUST fill out the supplies request form.
      • The Student Government Association has a camera that can be checked out or reserved at the Student Life and Leadership Office during office hours (Monday—Friday 8 am to 5 pm). Reservations for the SGA camera can also be done in person, through email or over the phone. Remember that only registered clubs have access to SLL equipment.

        To check out the SGA camera and equipment:
        1. There is a form to be filled out. It asks you to agree to terms and conditions and to check that all the equipment is there when you pick it up.
        2. The person who checks out the camera is responsible for returning it before the end date of the reservation.
        3. You will once again have to check off to ensure all the equipment was brought back with the camera. Students will be held liable for any missing equipment.
      • clubs must have approval before posting notices to banana boards.
      • Sidewalk chalk is available in the SLL office
    • The SLL office has many different supplies available for clubs, including large rolls of colored paper, markers, paint, glitter and chalk. If you are interested in using these supplies, please come to the SLL office. The supplies can be found in the back of the office in the large islands or on the back counter. If you do not find what you are looking for, ask the SLL Desk staff and they will help you.
    • Mailboxes are another resource offered to clubs by the SLL office. All registered clubs receive a mailbox. The mailboxes are located in the SLL office across from the conference room. There is a list located on the wall near the mailboxes that will tell you which box belongs to your club. Mailboxes are for your club’s use and can be used to drop off materials for another club member or for the SLL staff to place any incoming mail your club may receive. Please check your box to see if you have anything in it. Mailboxes are cleaned out at the end of every semester.
    • The SLL office will provide your club with 20 copies a day for any club related needs. You can have your agendas printed, your flyers, or anything you need. We cannot print in color, but we do have colored paper to print on if you like. To get copies please come to the office or email us what you want copied. We will place the copies in your mailbox if you are not here at the time they are printed. When asking for prints please give us as many details as possible to make sure that you get what you asked for
    • The conference room is a space that clubs can reserve through our office for any club related event or meeting. The SLL conference room can only be booked by the SLL desk staff. Please call, email or come in person to reserve the room. Clubs do not need to be registered to reserve space in the SLL office. Please include date, time, club name, your name, email and phone number with your reservation.