I Got Funding! How Do I Use It?

There are two ways to use university funds: pay out-of-pocket and get reimbursed, or have SLL make the purchases on the club’s behalf.

    • For reimbursement, a club officer will buy the goods or services with their own money, and then SLL reimburses the receipt.
    • An original, itemized receipt is REQUIRED for all reimbursements
      A receipt needs to include:
      • Vendor name, address, phone number
      • Each item purchased and the cost
      • Total amount paid and by what method (cash, credit card etc.)
      • If being reimbursed for a restaurant meal, both receipts are needed. The itemized receipt and the receipt that shows how you paid and the total amount paid, including tip
        • You cannot tip more than 20%, anything over that will be out of your own pocket
        • You cannot pay for alcohol with club money
      • If you go to a store to get supplies for an event, anything you personally purchase needs to be in a separate transaction. So, you will need one receipt of your personal purchases, one for the club and one for what you can be reimbursed for
    • If the total amount paid is less than $100, then you may use petty cash reimbursement. The approval process is generally 2 - 3 business days
    • Pick up a Petty Cash Reimbursement form in the SLL Office (UC 102).
    • Petty Cash reimbursement process:
      1. Bring receipt(s) to SLL office and fill out a Petty Cash reimbursement form
      2. SLL staff will review the Petty Cash reimbursement form and once approved, the SLL desk staff will call you to come pick up the form
      3. Take the form to the Bursar’s Office and receive cash for the expense paid
    • Used to reimburse expenses that are over $100 or travel expenses in any amount. The approval process is generally 14 business days.
    • Non-Employee reimbursement process:
      1. Bring receipt(s) to SLL office and fill out a Non-Employee reimbursement information form
      2. SLL staff will complete the CU Non-Employee Reimbursement form on behalf of the student
      3. SLL desk staff will call when the form is filled out and the student will need to come into the office to sign it
      4. The Executive Director of Student Life and Leadership then reviews and signs the form
      5. The Program Assistant sends the form to the Procurement Service Center (central office in Denver) for processing
      6. A check will be mailed to the student within 14 business days
    • SLL is able to pay for goods or services on a club’s behalf.
    • This method is recommended for any purchase over $100.
    • Please contact Amandine Habben (ahabben@uccs.edu) to start the purchasing process.
    • Please be aware that purchases are usually made with a credit card over the phone, or on the internet.
    • As a club you may or may not have a speedtype number. A speedtype is not automatically given to every club. It is where your club can deposit funds from things like fundraising or dues. If you need a speedtype, contact Amandine Habben at ahabben@uccs.edu to let her know your club needs one.
    • When you have money to deposit, someone from your club should come to the Student Life and Leadership (SLL) office. Once in the office, they will need to get a deposit form from the Club Resources Wall and fill it out. The form does need to be filled out completely.
    • Information needed to fill out the form:
      • Club name
      • Name of the person making the deposit
      • Phone number to be reached at
      • Description of what will be deposited
      • The amount to be deposited
      • The speedtype number of the account it will be deposited into
      • Signature of the person making the deposit
    • Once the form is filled out the SLL staff will stamp the back of any checks you have for deposit and write the speedtype number on the back of the check. They will then make two copies of the form.
    • The original form and a copy will go with you to the bursar’s office or cashier office. One copy will stay in the SLL office for their records.
    • Now you will take your forms and your money to be deposited to the bursars or the cashier’s office where they will take the original form and the money to be deposited.
    • The bursars or cashiers office is located in Main Hall on the second floor next to Student Success.
    • To find out how much money is in your account, ask the front desk staff and they can pull up that information using your speedtype number. If you do not know your speedtype number, they can get it for you. Please note that generally financial information is only shared with club officers.
    • If you have questions, feel free to contact Amandine Habben at ahabben@uccs.edu