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How many programs do you have per week?
On average, OSA hosts about 2 programs a week. There is at least one program occurring in the residence halls and one program a week in Clyde’s Campus Pub. All events,  both in the residential buildings, as well as in the campus pub, are open to all students! Weekend Programs, known as ROARing Weekends, is usually held on a Friday or Saturday. Programs in Clyde’s can be held any day of the week. Pay attention to OSA’s Facebook page, as well as signage around campus and in Mountain Lion Connect to see where all these events are occurring!
Where is the Student Activities Office located?
The Office of Student Activities is located directly behind the Student Life Office/Lounge area. We are directly next to the Scribe Campus Newspaper office. We employ undergraduate and graduate students as event coordinators to plan, host, and carry out all student activities programming.
How can I program in Clyde’s Campus Pub?
If you are a club or organization leader, you must speak with one of the Clyde’s/Weekend Coordinators. They can be found in the OSA office or e-mailed via If you are sure of exactly the program you will be hosting, please log into Mountain Lion Connect and complete a “Clyde’s Program Request” form, located in the OSA portal. Our goal is to utilize Clyde’s as a programmable space for clubs and organizations. A Club may program on any day of the week in Clyde’s. Keep in mind that OSA has the right to ask for a secondary day, due to alternative programming, or another program occurring in Clyde’s. If you are an office or department, please reach out to the Assistant Director of Student Activities and schedule your event/program for Clyde’s.
How do I co-program with OSA?
OSA  has two forms of collaborative programming that you can utilize: Partnership and Cosponsorship. Partnership with OSA means you are seeking out non-financial resources from OSA such as advertising, promotion, event support, and/or program materials such as decorations or supplies. Co-sponsorship is the idea of collaborative programming where both OSA and the club/organization/department come together and actively plan, host and fund an event. With cosponsorship comes some additional steps. Please speak with an OSA coordinator to determine the most effective use of collaboration with OSA.
Example of Partnership:
Energy Club seeks out some promotional resources to help get the word out about various events approaching via facebook, twitter, and Mountain Lion Connect.
Example of Co-sponsorship:
Awesome Pizza Club is seeking to host an event on campus that includes a performer, free pizza for students and a small music trivia competition. They are seeking funding to help offset the costs for the performer.
I am a local musician/performer/speaker/band/entertainer and am looking to perform at some colleges and universities. How can I perform at UCCS for students?
OSA has multiple venues and events that support all types of talent and entertainment. If you are interested in performing at UCCS, please e-mail us at We host coffee shops, concerts, dances, lectures, and more!
What types of programming do you have for commuter students? Non-traditional Students?
UCCS still has a significantly large commuter population. With that in mind, we try to meet commuters where they are at. Some significant programs we have for commuter/Nontraditional students are as follows:
·         Free Themed Pancakes every Tuesday on the 1st floor of the University Center (Pancake punch-cards available)
·         Free Bagels and Coffee in a parking lot every 1st Tuesday of the month
·         Cash Cab Trivia Shuttles twice a semester
·         Commuter Appreciation Week Once a semester
·         Campus Pub Programming
·         Tunes at Noon once a month in Café 65
·         Family Days
·         Please note the majority of programs at UCCS are Family Friendly
Where can I find out more information on programs and activities for OSA?
Information on OSA programs and activities can be found in many locations. To name a few:
·         UCCSOSA on Facebook
·         @UCCS_OSA on twitter
·         Text 33733 to find out more information and receive program updates
·         Mountain Lion Connect calendar
·         Signage around campus
·         Student Life Office- 1st Floor University Center
I am looking to speak with a coordinator regarding a specific event? How does that work?
OSA has 6 program coordinators that specialize in a variety of areas. The areas OSA coordinators work in are as follows:
-          Main Stage Coordinator: Concerts, Dances, Live Entertainment (comedians, magicians, novelty events, etc).
-          Clyde’s/Weekend Coordinator: Any and all programming that occurs in Clyde’s or specifically in the residence halls on the weekend
-          Special Events Coordinator: Athletic events, programming during orientation weeks, Competitions, talent shows, specialized themed programs (CUBS Weekend, Family Weekend, etc)
-          Academic/Cultural Events Coordinator: College Quiz Bowl, Programming around MLK Day, Black History Month, Pride Week, Coming Out Week, Hispanc Heritage Month, Academic Speakers/Lectures
-          Commuter/Non-Traditional Events Coordinator: Manages MLC Commuter Portal, Pancakes, Bagels, Tunes at Noon, Commuter/Non-Trad appreciation Weeks
How do I receive access to signage on campus?
Physical Signage in the various 3 and 6 tier structures are designated for Student Life and Leadership/OSA use only. Please see University Center Policy regarding posting signage and ads around campus.
Do you have any week-long traditional programs? If so, what are they?
OSA hosts 5 traditional programming weeks throughout the year:
·         Clyde’s Kickoff- Collaboration with Orientation the week before classes start to help students become adjusted and welcomed to UCCS. Featured events include Playfair, Midnight Movie Madness, RecFest, and Spirit Night
·         DisOrientation Week- This week of programming is held during the first week of classes to help students become assimilated to life outside the classroom.  Featured events include Concert on the Lawn and the Date Doctor
·         Homecoming Week- This is a celebration of UCCS, it’s alumni, current students, and our highly successful athletics programs. Featured events include The March, Bonfire, and Homecoming Formal
·         Winter Welcome Week- This week helps welcome students back from the holiday break, while introducing new first year nad transfer students.  Highlights include Club Fair and MLK Celebrations.
·         ROAR Daze- This is the last traditional week of the year before students depart for the summer break. Featured events include the Hypnotist and Dances
Do you host any single day programs?
OSA, on average, hosts about 2 programs a week. Outside of Clyde’s Programming and ROARing weekends, some traditional single day programs include Mr and Ms UCCS, Halloween Activities, Colorado Rockies excursions, Significant Speaker, Spring Concert, Blackout Night, Fall Club Fair, and College Quiz Bowl
What is NAQT?
College Quiz Bowl, sponsored by the National Academic Quiz Tournament (NAQT) is an intramural team-based trivia tournament that tests students knowledge in various types of educational fields (science, history, pop-culture, math, sports, entertainment and more!). This tournament happens every fall and is structured by a round robin tournament that indicates what teams make the playoffs. The team that wins the intramural tournament will then have an opportunity to attend a sectional tournament.
Is there ever anything to do on the weekends?
OSA hosts 1-2 events every weekend, in collaboration with RA’s. These weekly events are what we call “ROARing Weekends” because weekends are such a terrible thing to waste! Activities include TV show nights, bingo games, dances, trips, and more!
I would like to show a movie on campus? How does that work?
If you are showing a movie, program, or TV show to a large audience and marketing it to the entire campus, you must purchase the rights to show said film. Please stop by the OSA office and we can work with you on purchasing rights to show a film.

If you have another question for the Office of Student Activities, please contact us!

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