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About Student Government

We are the Student Government of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and our mission is to help improve the lives and enhance the experiences of the students. We strive to faithfully and truthfully serve and represent students as they pursue their futures. We exist to represent student interests to a wide variety of audiences, including the UCCS Administration, the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado, the City of Colorado Springs, and the Colorado Legislature. We represent the students of UCCS as the “official voice of the students.”

SGA works to investigate and resolve common student concerns, advocate for the inclusion of students in the overall policy and decision-making process of the university, promote awareness of the students’ decision-making roll in the academic community, enhance the quality and scope of education both inside and outside the classroom, and empower students with leadership and management opportunities.

SGA creates, implements, and oversees a $336,000 budget that is generated by the Student Activity Fee. This budget supports SGA, student organizations, and clubs on campus. This includes the Scribe, Riverrun, UCCS Radio, and many of the student clubs.

The Student Government Association is led and overseen by three branches of governance: executive, legislative, and judicial. The individuals who fulfill the positions within these branches come from every corner of campus. They are charged with establishing SGA’s official position on a variety of issues as well as advocating for and carrying out its objectives. SGA members sit on the University oversight committees, thereby giving valuable feedback to the University Administration.