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Join SGA

As an SGA member, your role is very important. You are the voice of the student body, representing student interests to university staff, faculty and leadership. SGA members are involved on campus, develop valuable leadership skills, learn to be competent communicators and to be members of a team, gain insight into organizational structures and funding, and gain a basic understanding of political processes and parliamentary procedure. Most importantly, being a member of SGA can be fun and rewarding.

Members of SGA need to be fully committed and understand that effective student governments require time and resources.

Responsibilities of all SGA Members:

  • Attend all SGA meetings.
    • Almost all SGA meeting occur on Thursdays from 7:30-11:00PM
  • Sit on one University Committee and one SGA Committee
  • Hold at least two office/outreach hours per week on behalf of SGA

How to Join SGA

There are two ways to join SGA:

  • Be appointed to a position by SGA
  • Be elected in the spring elections

Appointment Process

To start the appointment process, an interested current UCCS student will need fill out an application for a position on Mountain Lion Connect. The chair of the Appointment Advisory Committee will then contact the applicant to set up an interview. The Appointment Advisory Committee will then interview the applicant, and determine if the applicant is a good fit for SGA. If the Appointment Advisory Committee determines that the applicant is a good fit for SGA, the Appointment Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the SGA Senate. The Senate will then vote to appoint the applicant at the next Senate meeting. If voted in, the applicant is then an official member of SGA.


Elections happen every spring semester. Candidates for election declare their candidacy for a SGA position next school year in late January or early February, and the elections are held mid-march. The election process includes a debate, and plastering election posters all over campus.

In order to run in the elections the first step is to fill out a candidate application. You can fill out the application here on MLC.