The Program of UCCSlead

The UCCSlead program incorporates elements proven to be critical in the development of well-rounded, successful leaders. Through a combination of Training, Academic Coursework, Experience, and Mentoring, the program allows students to not only learn about leadership principles, but actively practice them and incorporate them into their student experience.


UCCSlead leadership training revolves around four modules designed to enhance students’ leadership skills and character. These include Game Changer, Influencer, Collaborator, and Innovator. The modules are taken consecutively, and each include 8 hours of content spread across one Saturday each semester. 

Academic Coursework

Coursework enhances a student’s overall leadership development by providing an academic perspective on leadership theory and practice. The courses complement the content delivered in the training modules.

Leadership experience is an opportunity for students to be engaged and involved in leadership practice outside of training and academics. Depending on the level of certification, experience will include a combination of community service, serving in a leadership role on campus, peer mentoring, and completing a course on leadership and organizational change.


Mentoring allows students to develop peer-mentoring relationships with other students in the program. 2017 marks the start of UCCSlead's mentoring program.